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About Me

My name is Alden Wright, and photography has always been a passion of mine.  I remember getting my first nice camera on my 16th birthday and completely falling in love with photography.  I've enjoyed taking pictures of other places and people's lives on my journeys around the world, and most recently of my own life with my two sons.  


I'm a native Charlottean.  My husband and I decided to move to Waxhaw to be closer to my family, who has lived on the family farm compound since 2007. In addition to loving photography, I enjoy starting businesses, fishing, traveling, cooking, the ocean, and spending time with my husband and sons.

I started Barn Light Photography to be able to capture family memories in a place that my family shares its memories.  I couldn't be more excited to offer you beautiful photos that you'll have forever.

Contact me

Contact Me

Barn Light Photography

6310 Howie Mine Church Rd.

Waxhaw, NC 28217

Tel: 704-905-2088

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