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Welcome to Barn Light Photography

Alden Wright at Barn Light Photography specializes in natural light images taken on our private family farm compound in Waxhaw, North Carolina right outside of Charlotte. She enjoys providing a comfortable and fun photography experience that eliminates stiff and awkward photos and allows for true smiles and personalities to come through.  Photographing babies and children is Alden's passion, as babies and children have no problem showing their real personalities.  Add in loving parents, and your family memories will be complete.  


The family farm in Waxhaw, North Carolina is a perfect backdrop for capturing fantastic images of your family.  With over 25 acres surrounded by horse farms, there are multiple options for shoot locations.  Being able to offer this private beautiful backdrop for your photos, truly makes us unique.  We also frequently have baby animals that you may choose to use as friends in your photoshoot.  What's cuter than children with baby animals?  Whatever you choose, Barn Light Photography is very excited to provide you with life long memories.

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